Consultancy services

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is revolutionising the supply chain world. Its automated and hands-free ability to track pallets, cases and items offers the opportunity for increased operational efficiency and product visibility, as well as a greater degree of security.

RFID is a rapidly evolving technology. Whether your company is seeking to improve operations or comply with a specific customer requirement, selecting and (successfully) implementing an RFID solution poses significant challenges, and a certain amount of risk.

As a specialist RFID consultancy firm, RFIDiom is uniquely qualified to help you design and develop highly efficient and performance-driven RFID solutions. Our team of expert consultants work closely with multiple hardware and software vendors without product exclusivity contracts. This independence allows us to provide you with the right solution for your requirements and at profitable costs. Few companies have the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to achieve this balance.

In addition to offering bespoke RFID services, RFIDiom can provide the following key RFID consultancy services at competitive prices:

1. Bespoke (Stand-Alone) RFID Services

RFIDiom provides a very wide range of stand-alone and bespoke RFID services based on specific customer requirements. These services range from specific product testing (eg. tag/inlay read-range performance characterisation) services to assistance with tag data encodings (eg. EPC GRAI-170 encoding on Gen2 tags) to HF/UHF antenna design services using industry-standard RF design and characterisation tools. Our team of expert RFID specialists have a wide range of in-depth knowledge and experience with many RFID products and solutions.

Please contact us with your requirements.

2. RFP Development and Evaluation

Documented RFP design with evaluation criteria and structured procedures. This typically contains the project requirements, which are usually technical in nature. Other factors, eg. time and costings may also be included. These preliminary procedures are used to test the general viability of the project.

3. Feasibility (Proof of Concept) Studies

Design and successful demonstration of the key project requirement(s) using off-the-shelf system components. Regulatory and standards compliant methods are used even at this early stage of the process. The potential impact of the RFID system on current processes and operations is also considered. Feasibility results are documented in a concise report.