Consultancy services

8. End-User Training and Optimisation

As part of the ‘hand-off’ procedure, this phase involves the education and training of customer personnel with primary interactions with the system. This usually includes basic operational training of hardware management and software (middleware) management. Further optimisation of the solution may be carried out in order to achieve the highest levels of performance from each of the sub-systems. Some examples of optimisation work include the fine-tuning of antenna positions; middleware optimisation; reader algorithm adjustments and network infrastructure optimisations etc.

9. Post Implementation Review / Maintenance

A quarterly performance audit of a deployed RFID system can help to ‘iron-out’ any remaining issues. These issues usually arise due to unforeseen conditions and/or undocumented process changes by the client. Performance audits can be useful in further optimisation and maintenance of the system as a whole.


RFIDiom consultancy services cover all major RFID technologies, including passive HF and UHF RFID for Industrial; Document Tracking; Supply Chain Management (SCM); Automotive and Retail applications.

We also specialise in the emerging near-field UHF technology based on EPC Gen2 protocols. Typical applications include document tracking, jewellery tracking, biometric passports and RFID-enabled credit cards.

Our expert consultants typically have strong backgrounds in radio frequency (RF) engineering and product development — covering all four of the major LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), UHF (868 MHz) and microwave (2.45 GHz) RFID frequencies – including semi-active & active tags; GPS and RTLS.

We are experts in all major RFID related ISO/IEC standards, and particularly ISO 18000-6C (Gen2 UHF RFID), ISO/IEC 15693 (HF Contactless ‘Vicinity Cards’) and ISO/IEC 14443 (HF Contactless ‘Proximity Cards’).

We are rated as one of the best in the industry and always aim to provide our services at highly competitive rates. Please contact us for all your RFID needs.